Know Your Rights: Copwatch works towards police accountability


Copwatch works towards police accountability by going out on Copwatch shifts and documenting police interactions with the community. However, we know that in order to effectively impact police accountability we must have a broad based movement in which we all play a role. We provide «Know Your Rights» Trainings to educate the community about their rights with the police so that everybody knows what to do when confronted by police or witnessing police interactions.

Be Empowered! Know your Rights!

For details on upcoming Know Your Rights Trainings, please visit our calendar page. Trainings are free and open to the public. If you are interested in having Copwatch facilitate a training with your organization, classroom, or any other group, please contact us!

Below are Know Your Rights Resources to view and download. Good luck.

Copwatch Handbook (PDF)

Know Your Rights Card (PDF)

Homeless Rights (PDF)

Intensive Study on Monitoring (PDF)

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