Why is Puerto Rico still a colony?

By José M. López Sierra – Puerto Rico


Most Puerto Ricans have been brainwashed to believe the United States (US) government’s (USG) discourse about how to decolonize ourselves. The following video is a perfect example of this. Click on the following link to watch that video: https://youtu.be/86k46SRdvMw

The US’ discourse is that Puerto Rico is a democracy, and that Puerto Ricans must decolonize ourselves via the electoral process. But, Puerto Rico did not become a US colony through the electoral process.

The USG militarily invaded Puerto Rico in 1898 to make her its colony. Therefore, if armed aggression got us in this mess, why should anybody believe that we could get out of it via the ballot box?

The video reports that someone said that a vote for the independence party does not mean a vote for Puerto Rico independence. That someone was Juan Dalmau, the Independence Party candidate for governor of Puerto Rico.

The video ends with an independence advocate (Emilio Pantoja Garcia) saying that he is aware that most Puerto Ricans do not want independence for Puerto Rico. His statement, at 15:32 of the video, is evidence of 123 years of the USG’s brainwashing Puerto Ricans. Another good example is Oscar López Rivera admitting in school that US President George Washington never told a lie.

Totally absent from this video is the fact that, under international law, the USG is committing a crime against humanity. Brainwashed Puerto Ricans don’t talk about it, because the USG would not like that!

The United Nations’ (UN) Charter prohibits colonialism since 1945. The USG has never complied with that Charter. The UN is in its 4th International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism (2021 – 2030).

Moreover, the USG has ignored, thus far, 40 UN resolutions asking it to immediately return Puerto Rico’s sovereignty to the Puerto Ricans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otzBslJLbI0

Since Puerto Ricans never decided to be a US colony, why should we today have to decide not be a US colony? The international community has already decided, in 1945, that colonialism is illegal. That means, even if 100% of all Puerto Ricans wanted to remain a colony, our decision would be illegal.

Therefore, the only solution is for the USG to return Puerto Rico’s sovereignty to the Puerto Ricans. So, why aren’t the 9 million Puerto Ricans worldwide engaged in permanent resistance to make that happen? That is the question!

Bianca Graulau is oblivious to that question, because she said that she will make future videos about the Puerto Ricans who want Puerto Rico to remain a colony, and about those who want Puerto Rico to become a state of the Union.

What Puerto Ricans want is of no importance to the USG, because, according to the Treaty of Paris of 1898, Puerto Ricans have no rights that the USG has to respect. That treaty is still operative today! And, until most of us realize that, Puerto Rico will continue to be a US colony. https://todosunidosdescolonizarpr.blogspot.com/

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Jose M Lopez Ismael

Nací en NYC. Me mudé a Puerto Rico en el 1980 donde eventualmente me convertí en independentista al ver que PR no se administra para los boricuas. Me retiré tempranamente de la pedagogía para luchar 24/7 por la descolonización de Puerto Rico a través de marchas pacíficas anuales y empujar a la ONU hacer su trabajo. Necesitaremos un tsunami de gente protestando permanentemente para obligar a USA a cumplir con la ley internacional que prohíbe el coloniaje.

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