Real debt is on the horizon

By José M. López Sierra – Puerto Rico


How will the coronavirus affect the nations of the world in the foreseeable future? They will be paying the for coronavirus pandemic for quite a long time! Click on the following link for a short explanation:

It is impossible for Puerto Rico to have the debt that the United States Government (USG) alleges she has.

Puerto Rico has been a colony of the USG for the past 121 years. The Treaty of Paris of 1898 says that Puerto Ricans have no right that the USG has to respect. The USG uses that treaty as its legal authority to do what it wants with Puerto Rico. Therefore, and conversely, it is the USG that has a huge debt with her, due to its colonial relationship since 1898.

If all of the governments around the world were governing for the 100% of their citizens, the coronavirus would have been quickly controlled. And thus, citizens would not be facing huge additional debts because of it in the future.

People must educate themselves for real to force governments to represent 100% of the citizens.

We must, because those who have allowed the 99.9% of the citizens to suffer this coronavirus pandemic, don’t believe in LIBERTY AND IN JUSTICE FOR ALL!

Shouldn’t your government be on your side?

Jose M Lopez Ismael

Nací en NYC. Me mudé a Puerto Rico en el 1980 donde eventualmente me convertí en independentista al ver que PR no se administra para los boricuas. Me retiré tempranamente de la pedagogía para luchar 24/7 por la descolonización de Puerto Rico a través de marchas pacíficas anuales y empujar a la ONU hacer su trabajo. Necesitaremos un tsunami de gente protestando permanentemente para obligar a USA a cumplir con la ley internacional que prohíbe el coloniaje.

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