Photos: Dominican Deportations And Greek Crisis


Marty Goodman 7/2/15

InformacionAlDesnudo – New york City


Scenes from the struggle. First though is a rough flyer for the Friday, July 10 forum at Local 1199 on racist deportations in the Dominican Republic. It is sponsored by Black Lives Matter in the Dominican Republic.

Secondly, are photos from yesterday’s protest at the Dominican Consulate in Times Square against racist deportations of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent.

Lastly, is a photo from a Greek gathering, also yesterday, in Astoria. 200-300 attended. Apparently mainstream (non-Syriza) forces took over. A «no vote» speech (referring to the Sunday Greek referendum on the neo-liberal plan imposed by Euro bankers) was made by Arthur Cheliotes of CWA Local 1180, despite attempts to silence him. The final photo is of a sign that says Oxi, «no» in Greek.

These struggles against inhumanity is all connected to the world-wide crisis of capitalism. Same struggle, same fight!


Emanuel Pardilla, an anti-racist Dominican activist in the Black Lives Matter in the Dominican Republic (BLMDR) .



Ray Laforest, veteran Haitian activist in the BLMDR.


«Oxi» means «No» in Greek.


Corresponsal para Información al Desnudo.

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