Pa` la Plaza con Oscar & February Twitter Actions for Oscar Lopez Rivera and Ana Belen Montes!


February Twitter Actions for Oscar Lopez Rivera and
Ana Belen Montes!  Demand the freedom of these two unjustly imprisoned Puerto Rican Heroes!


On Sunday Feb. 28th, Prisoners of Conscience Ana Belen Montes will be turning 59 years old!  For the past 13 years, she has been incarcerated for sharing classified information with Cuba because she felt that the U.S. government’s secret actions against Cuba were unethical!

Since her incarceration, the U.S. government has punished Ana Belen Montes by violating her international human rights by keeping her under inhumane and extreme solitary isolation.

Read her Bio. and learn about her torture.

On Sunday Feb. 28th, give Ana the birthday gift of support and solidarity!  Let President Obama know that you want Ana Belen Montes Free by tweeting the following message:

@BarackObama, I add my voice to the thousands demanding: Free Ana Belen Montes NOW! #FreeAnaBelenMontes


On February 29th, let President Obama know that Oscar

has the support of the masses!

Tweet the following message to President Obama:

@BarackObama, I add my voice to the thousands demanding: Free Oscar Lopez Rivera NOW! #FreeOscarLopez

Ask your friends, family, co-workers, church members, classmates or union members, to support this campaign! United our voices can make freedom happen!

We are asking people to support our monthly Twitter Campaign! Building off the success of Oscar’s birthday Twitter campaign, which reached nearly 8 million people, we are asking Oscar’s supporters to support this MONTHLY Twitter campaign to remind President Obama that Oscar’s supporters won’t quit until he’s free and walking among us!

For more info on Pa` la Plaza con Oscar & Ana Belen Montes:

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