March to Free Oscar Lopez Rivera When: Saturday, May 30th


March to Free Oscar Lopez Rivera
When: Saturday, May 30th
Assemble : Front of Staples on Lenox Ave. and 125th Street
Transportation: Trains 2 oR 3 to 125th and Lenox Avenue
Time: 11:00AM

Why we March: To demand the release of Oscar Lopez Rivera from prison. He is an activist in the struggle for independence for Puerto Rico and has been in prison for 34 years. Many world leaders, Churches and international labor organizations have called for his release. SEIU 32BJ will be joining a coalition of groups representing people of all backgrounds, a number of elected officials and others concerned about justice for Oscar Lopez Rivera. JOIN US

Dear friends, comrades and compañeros will you please join 32BJ contingent on Saturday May 30th @11:00AM as we march to demand the release of Oscar Lopez Rivera;  an activist against colonialism and a fighter for Self-Determination for Puerto Rico,  Oscar Lopez Rivera has been in prison almost 34 years and his only crime is his commitment to fight against oppression and exploitation.  Please Join us, and also send  invitation to your friends .  Please let me know if you will be attending. Gracias siempre-Saul


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