Howard Jordan interviews Nelson Denis author; War Against All Puerto Ricans on the debt crisis in Puerto Rico


Friday July\3rd, 2015 Program

Nelson Denis author of “War Against All Puerto Ricans” on Puerto Rico’s debt crisis

To listen to program press or type link into your address bar    http://bit.ly/1UuDXhf


Howard Jordan interviews Nelson Denis author of  War Against All Puerto Ricans on the debt crisis in Puerto Rico. They discuss the New York Times editorial «Puerto Rico Needs Debt Relief, » the President and Congress’ “drop dead” approach, and  Bill O’Reilly’s comparison between  Puerto Rico and Greece. What are the causes of the debt crisis -governmental mismanagement, pampered public sector employees,  or American colonialism? Also does the Kruger Report signal Puerto Rico is «for sale», the viability of United Nation’ self determination resolutions and why should non-Puerto Ricans care about the status of the island?  Nelson is graduate of Harvard University and Yale Law School and served as a New York State Assemblyman (1997-2001). He was the editorial director of El Diario-La Prensa, the largest Spanish-language newspaper in NYC  To listen press or type link into your address bar http://bit.ly/1UuDXhf


The Jordan Journal is a current events-driven program that is committed to a cross-fertilization of ideas between people of color and the progressive community in the United States. The host, Howard Jordan. describes himself as: «As a self-defined internationalist and First Amendment absolutist, no issue is off the table and I endeavor to give all sides of a given controversy an airing. As such, this is not a Latino interest program, but rather, a general interest program hosted by a Latino activist.»      

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