What’s wrong with PR Self-Determination Act?

By José M. López Sierra – Puerto Rico


United States (US) Representatives Nydia Velazquez and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez are co-sponsors of the House Bill, Puerto Rico Self-determination Act 2021.

It sounds wonderful, but it will only contribute to maintaining the status quo. This is what the Puerto Rican patriot Juan Antonio Corretjer calls “reformism”. Click on the following link for more: https://www.keepandshare.com/doc/6462438/01lucha-por-la-independ-pdf-517k?da=y

The main problem with this bill is that it is in the wrong jurisdiction. It is important to note that it was the US government (USG) that militarily invaded Puerto Rico 123 years ago to make her its colony. That violates the international law that says that colonialism is a crime against humanity! How could anybody believe that this criminal will suddenly decolonize Puerto Rico?

Especially if you are also aware of the fact that the USG has never complied with the United Nations’ (UN) Charter that prohibits colonialism for the past 76 years. The UN, this year, began its 4th International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism.

Especially if you are also aware of the fact that the USG has ignored, with impunity, 40 UN resolutions asking it to immediately return Puerto Rico’s sovereignty to the Puerto Ricans. If the USG were to do that, this bill would be unnecessary! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otzBslJLbI0

And, especially if you are also aware of the fact that the USG gets 18.5 times more money out of its colonial relationship with Puerto Rico than what it invests. That is where the 74 billion dollar debt that Puerto Rico supposedly “owes” comes from.  

The so-called “Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner” Jennifer Gonzalez and US Representative Nydia Velazquez talk about the rights of Puerto Ricans. Don’t they know that Puerto Ricans have no right that the USG has to respect? That is exactly what the Treaty of Paris of 1898 says, and it is still the law of the land!

The only ones who could enforce our inalienable right to self-determination and independence is the Boricuas. The 9 million Boricuas worldwide must engage in permanent resistance to force the USG to comply with international law. And, conversely, this is what Juan Antonio Corretjer calls revolutionary. http://www.todosunidosdescolonizarpr.blogspot.com/  

Reformism will never work. What will work is resistance now, resistance tomorrow and resistance forever!

Talk is cheap!  

Jose M Lopez Ismael

Nací en NYC. Me mudé a Puerto Rico en el 1980 donde eventualmente me convertí en independentista al ver que PR no se administra para los boricuas. Me retiré tempranamente de la pedagogía para luchar 24/7 por la descolonización de Puerto Rico a través de marchas pacíficas anuales y empujar a la ONU hacer su trabajo. Necesitaremos un tsunami de gente protestando permanentemente para obligar a USA a cumplir con la ley internacional que prohíbe el coloniaje.

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