(Fotos y Video): Estadounidenses protestan contra el capitalismo y Brutalidad Policiaca en Nueva York


por Martin Goodman

InformacionAlDesnudo – Nueva York

Trabajadores del sector de la comida rápida se han unido este miércoles en una protesta en la ciudad de Nueva York contra la «explotación capitalista». Los acompañarán en la protesta trabajadores con un bajo salario como lavadores de coches, cuidadores de niños y personal de aeropuertos. También se prevé que colectivos de estudiantes lleven a cabo huelgas en campus de todo el país. Asimismo participarán en las protestas miembros del movimiento Black Lives Matter (‘Las vidas negras importan’).



At the rally against Liberato Restaurant in the Bronx on Monday, Moraima Ortiz(second from left) announced and celebrated her victory recovering a significant proportion of her stolen wages. Ortiz worked at another shop and won hersettlement Monday. The effort was organized by the Laundry Workers Center, who called the out of court settlement a «good agreement.» Pictured here are membersof Domestic Workers United, Phillipine activists and a supporter of the LWC.


Haitians protest Hillary Clinton at her new campaign location across from Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn . Besides being a warmonger, Hillary has promoted sweatshops in Haiti, worked to install the corrupt current President Martelly in Haiti. Huge amounts of money are unaccounted for in earthquake relief that Bill Clinton has headed up. In addition, Hillary’s brother was mysteriously appointed to a mining company board which has obtained mining rights to large reserves of untapped minerals in Haiti.


Mumia Abu-Jamal protest last Friday across from the Harlem State building on 125th street. Pictured above is the mother of a police murder victim. About 60 people attended the protest. Mumia collapsed on March 30 due to racist medical neglect but is back in his cell with reduced, but still dangerously high, blood sugar levels.


Protest and march of several hundred against police murder Tuesday. It began in Union Square. It was organized by the Stop Mass Incarceration organization. Protestors marched to Foley Square and then over the Brooklyn Bridge (where I quit). Several were arrested. No further details.


A wonderful 100th birthday party for Lillian Pollak, a lifelong socialist and member of «The Raging Grannies.» She is the author of the novel «The Sweetest Dream,» a story of U.S. Trotskyist politics set in NYC in the 1930’s. Lillian can still be seen singing with the Grannies at NY protests and events. Happy birthday Lillian!


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