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by Marty Goodman

InformacionAlDesnudo – Photo-Journalist- New York City

Below photos of upcoming events: Stay tuned info on an important Haitian protest against racism in the Dominican Republic this Friday, August 14 at noon at Grand Army Plaza.


Protest and press conference sponsored by Trade Justice last week at the Malaysian Embassy to oppose passage of the TPP, Trans Pacific Partnership, an outrageous trade package championed by Barack Obama and the 1%. The Malaysian Embassy was chosen because Obama upgraded the «human rights» standing of Malaysia to hasten passage of the rotten anti-labor deal. Pictured at mike is Mohuddon Mohamad Yusof, a Myanmar Muslim (Rohingya) and member of the Rohingya Concern International. Rohingya face racism and statelessness in Myanmar (despite another US human rights upgrade there!) and brutal treatment at hands of smugglers inside and outside Malasyia. Next to Mohamad is Comrade Sahid of the Pakistan Freedom Forum, USA.

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Father Barios speaks out against imperialism at 100th anniversary of the first U.S. military occupation of Haiti.The observation was part of a three day event sponsored by the Haitian community to examine the role of U.S. imperialism in Haiti. That occupation was fought by Haitian «Caco» rebels led by nationalist Charlemagne Peralte. Some 50,000 died trying to free Haiti. Pictured here is a US warship used to occupy Haiti in 1915. Succeeding US occupations were in 1994 under Bill Clinton, 2004 under GW Bush and 2010 under Barack Obama.

Rally sponsored by Cop Watch and others Sunday in Harlem on the anniversary of the murder of Michael Brown. At bull horn is Mr. Ferguson, whose son was murdered by cops during Bratton’s earlier reign under Guiliani. Thanks again De Blasio for appointing Bratton – Mr . Progressive! Mr. Ferguson will be holding a tribunal in August on the death of his son soon. Stay tuned on that. On left is Jose Lasalle of «Cop Watch.»
LGBT protestor at Harlem rally.
Sumumba and Ali from Occuevolve at the Stop Mass incarceration Rally in Union Square Sunday as part of the Michael Brown protests. National Oct. 22 rally against police racism is coming up!

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