Coordinadora Solidaridad Diáspora Boricua (COSODIBO) (Puerto Rican Diaspora Solidarity Coordinating Committee)

by James Flores

Informacion Al Desnudo – Connecticut

Coordinadora Solidaridad Diáspora Boricua (COSODIBO) (Puerto Rican Diaspora Solidarity Coordinating Committee)

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Press Release
April 25, 2016
The New England region of the Puerto Rican Diaspora Solidarity Coordinating Committee (COSODIBO) condemns the recent repressive onslaught against the Puerto Rican independence movement. This attempt to intimidate the Puerto Rican people comes at a time en there is an increase in the anti-colonial sentiments in our nation because of the debacle of the colonial regime of Puerto Rico. According to Juan Antonio Castillo, the spokesperson for the coordinating committee in the U.S. “The federal authorities are trying to clear the path for the “Fiscal Control Board” This board would take absolute control of the colonial government without any respect or consideration for the political structures that have been set up by the Puerto Rican people.” “We know that by imposing this ghastly board than they are returning to an era of crude and ignominious colonial exploitation. The FBI’s repression of three well known Puerto Rican independence leaders: Orlando Gonzalez Claudio, Norberto Cintron Fiallo and Juan Segarra Palmer is symptomatic of a wave of political persecution that is rapidly approaching our homeland. This puts us in a similar position to the first years of the military invasion of our country which engendered a radical opposition to the foreign invasion of our nation, accompanied by a well-known quota of blood between the invaders and Puerto Rican patriots.”
“The so call “Fiscal Control Board” has no other purpose than to guarantee the payment of the 73 billion dollars to the Wall Street hedge funds at the expense of the Puerto Rican people’s wellbeing. This debt is unpayable. Any minor adjustment would extend the life of the debt with interest rates so high that it would drain the Puerto Rican funds and take us to a vicious cycle of more debt; forcing our people into a ruthless colonial condition of slavery and merciless exploitation. This foretells of serious confrontations between the people and the colonial authorities. The federal authorities have begun to implement repressive measures to stop any attempt of radical resistance to what would represent the imposition of an outright colonial dictatorship: The Federal Fiscal Control Board in Puerto Rico. Today, more than ever, the people need to organize a broad anti-colonial front” – emphasize the COSODIBO spokesperson.


José A. Soler,
508 863 5089

Querer ser libre es comenzar a serlo.
Ramón Emeterio Betances
Padre de La Patria Puertorriquena

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