Brief History of US Government’s Control of the Mainstream Media

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Published on Dec 6, 2015

I’m going to give you all some examples of how the media is controlled by the government and how most of what we’re told is a lie.
Here we chronicle everything from Elise Labott taking demands from the state department regarding what to tweet on Hillary Clinton to CIA operations and the testimony of whistle-blowers from the inside.

In 2014 Russia Today host Anissa Naouai’s CNN interview was censored. They aired her interview with Christine Amanpour, but they edited out a crucial statement included in the video.

But this isn’t new news. I mean going back to William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper mogul that palled around with politicians, bankers, celebrities and more was known to work with the government and if one was to anger Hearst, they could say goodbye to their careers. Ask Fatty Arbuckle.
Then we have things like Operation Mockingbird which was basically the infiltration of the entire mass media in the United States especially by the CIA. It’s all declassified now and was said to have ended but journalists throughout the decades since have begged to differ.
We spoke to New York Times Journalist Chris Hedges about this in early 2015!

Remember Charles Jaco, the CNN correspondent? Anyone remember him during the Persian Gulf War? What about that time that he faked an entire news story on a set in Atlanta while pretending to be ducking for cover when fake bombs went off?

Then there’s journalist Amber Lyon who came out against CNN after working for CNN for several years saying that due to their deals with certain dictatorial governments around the world, they wouldn’t show her story in Bahrain showing innocent people being massacred.

Then there’s Anderson Cooper who spent time as a CIA intern. Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change has confronted him twice on this where Cooper refuses to dispute anything, mostly because it’s documented fact that he did indeed work for the CIA and he does after all come from the mega rich and powerful Vanderbilt family.

You know Zbigniew Brzezinski? If not, he’s the man that handed over weapons to Osama Bin Laden in the late 1970’s. His daughter is Mika Brzezinski, a well-known anchor on MSNBC News.
Zbigniew Brzezinski has even been quoted saying that the mass political awakening through internet and radio needs to be stopped in order to create a new world order and be able to go to war. So he’s frustrated people are being awakened by alternative media. That’s totally not nefarious at all.

And who can forget the Ron Paul media blackout which was so obvious, even Jon Stewart covered it.
Ron Paul would get over ten thousand people at an event with no media coverage and then a week later in the same location, Mitt Romney would get less than a crowd of 100 and most of the crowd would be media talking about how Mitt Romney’s killing everyone in the polls.

There are so many other examples of how the media controls the mind and is in fact the aid of the government and their talking points.
This is why we need to be the media. To be the change we wish to see.
This is why WAM goes out and confronts politicians and have for years. Even confronting infamous media mogul Lord Conrad Black who was on the steering commission of the Bilderberg Group for decades and ended up in prison for his actions at Hollinger, getting visited often by Prime Minister Tony Blair, then getting out and getting his own TV show just like that on ‘Zoomer.’

Modern day media is a joke. These so called journalists are a joke. Elections don’t even need to be rigged anymore because the government infiltrates the media and GIVES us our 2 or 3 candidates to pick from. Their choices, the only people we hear about in the media and therefor the ones that most of us vote for.
We need to support independent media like We Are Change, Press For Truth, Freedom Free For All, Adam Kokesh, Infowars, James Corbett, BrainFeed, Jeff Berwick, and of course us at World Alternative Media! It’s crucial for the sake of our information and with that, our path as a society. Will we be slaves? Or will be free human beings with truth at our fingertips? You decide.

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