Special Coverage Of Baltimore Uprising

Special Coverage Of Baltimore Uprising
Will Charges Against 6 Baltimore Police Bring Justice?

A comparison of the charges leveled against the Baltimore police actors in the death of Freddie Gray, as well as police and court treatment of protesters, journalists and medics alike,
Cop Charged With Biting Baltimore Man’s Testicle

The accused officer has been placed on paid administrative leave.
In a Cop Culture, The Bill Of Rights Doesn’t Amount To Much

Police officers are more likely to be struck by lightning than be held financially accountable for their actions.—Law professor Joanna C. Schwartz (paraphrased)
How Federal Policies, Johns Hopkins, And ‘Redevelopment’ Led To The Slumification Of Baltimore

“I can’t tell the difference, even in some of the areas that were supposedly hardest hit by looting … because some of these areas that the protesters are in even before these
INTERVIEW: Baltimore Police Shoot At, Jail Shawn Carrié For The Crime Of Journalism

Speaking to MintPress about his arrest in Baltimore, Journalist Shawn Carrié reflects on the unfortunate reality that “people are struggling for the demand that they just don’t
Baltimore In 140 Characters: Who You Should Follow To Understand The Uprising

As police start to turn the mainstream media in their favor with their first report on the Freddie Gray killing, social media reveals the truth about the Baltimore riots.
VIDEO: Reporter Handcuffed, Slammed On Pavement & Detained For Filming Baltimore Police Chase

«I witnessed pepper spray, blunt force, and threats with firearms all used by police and National Guard. As such, it was important to make a record for both the news and the history
Sean Hannity: It’s OK for Cops to Shoot You in the Back if You Run From Them

Hannity can’t seem to figure out why an African American man would run from the police.
(VIDEO) Baltimore Uprising: Memories Of A March

Activists hope the Baltimore protests will act as an impetus towards police reform and larger structural change.
Fox News Posts Fake Baltimore Riot Photo That’s Actually From Venezuela

After racking up tens of thousands of views, Fox acknowledged the “error,” saying: “Our team didn’t fact check the picture the way we should have.”

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