Shock new claim – doomed Germanwings plane was downed by Hacker


Andreas Lubitz may have been the victim of a computer hacker who crashed the Germanwings flight

The doomed Germanwings plane may have been crashed by a crazed hacker, rather than deliberately flown into the French Alps by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, an aviation boss has claimed.

by Helen Barnett

Fri, Apr 17, 2015
Matt Andersson, president of American Indigo Aerospace, claimed a sick computer geek could have intercepted the electronics externally by hacking into the aircraft control systems.
He said current theories Lubtiz barricaded himself in the cockpit to kill all 149 people onboard the Airbus A320 could be “misleading”.He warned the public to not jump to conclusions until international investigators verified theories in case safety chiefs wrongly impose strict safety regulations.

Writing a letter in the Financial Times, he said French prosecutors were clear the plane accelerated as he ploughed into mountains.

He wrote: “That may be, but it could be from any number of causes, including external electronic hacking into the aircraft’s control and navigation systems through malware or electromagnetic interception.


A black box found found at the site shows the plane accelerated as it crashed into the mountains


Andreas Lubitz was signed off work sick, but theories he killed those on board could be ‘misleading’

Many broad assertions currently presented to the public may turn out to be misleading

Matt Andersson

“This is one reason military and head-of-state aircraft are generally installed with specific shielding and additional active protective measures… Civilian aircraft are not.”The Germanwings flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf was thought to have been crashed by Lubitz who was later found to have been signed off work sick with depression.

He said the cockpit voice recorder, which recorded pilot Patrick Sondheimer trying to break down the locked cockpit door and screaming at a silent Lubitz, and the flight recorder data, which shows the plane making a dramatic descent, should be analysed by an international, multi-party air investigation team.

He added: “Until they are, many broad assertions currently presented to the public may turn out to be erroneous, misleading or in some cases lead to improper or counterproductive regulatory and other reactions –including misplaced liability, financial and insurance claims.”

Already Germanwings owner Lufthansa has announced a new rule ensuring two crew members must be in the cockpit at all times during flights.

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