Oscar Lopez Rivera supports prisoner Ana Belen Montes. please Sign the petition



This woman never physically harmed anyone, yet she has been condemned to worse conditions than the most brutal mass murderer. She has been literally buried alive in the depths of our prison system, a remote prison for those who are physically or mentally ill, although she had no such illness when she was condemned to remain in prison, totally isolated, until she is 70 years old.

That’s why I signed a petition to President Barack Obama, which says:

«No non-violent prisoner should be denied the basic right of human contact: visits, letters, phone calls. President Obama should tell the federal prison system that all prisoners are human beings and give Ana Belen Montes these rights.»

Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:



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Sign the petition: Buried alive

I just signed a petition to President Barack Obama: No non-violent prisoner should be denied the basic right of human contact: visits, letters, phone calls. Preside…
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Oscar Lopez Rivera is one of the Puerto Rican independence fighter who  has served longest in US prisons. A massive campaign has been being  waged for him throughout the US, Puerto rico and around the world.
Now Oscar Lopez Rivera has issued a statement about Puerto Rican  political prisoner Ana Belen Montes, who is serving one of the harshest
sentences of total isolation in US federal prison at Carswell (compare  to Leonard Peltier or the Angola 3 for an example of similarly barbaric  punishment). (See article «Ana Belen Montes: Buried Alive» if you  haven’t already read about her from this list).
Oscar stated:
«Various friends and companeros have asked how I would feel about  having Ana Belen Montes’ name alongside mine in the campaign for my  freedom. It woud be a great honor for me. I think that every Puerto  Rican who loves justice and freedom should be proud of Ana Belen. What
she did was more than heroic. She what every person who believes in  peace, justice and liberty and in the right of every nation to govern
itself in the best way possible and without intervention or threats from  anyone would have done. She did what she did because she knew that the
government of the United States was intent on destroying the Cuban  government and imposing on the Cuban people a system designed by
Washington, one more attempt at regime change. The objectives of the US  government were criminal and if she hadn’t acted as she did she would
have been supporting those actions. We should all be proud of her,  support her and demand her release from prison.»
Oscar López Rivera

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