NY Protest Hits Indian Prime Minister


Marty Goodman 9/28/14
InformacionAlDesnudo New York City

Outside Madison Square Garden some 1,000 protested the presence in NY of right-wing Hindu bigot, the Indian Prime Minister Nerendra Modi (rally photos below). Inside the Garden, some 18,000 attended a speech by the Prime Minister. India is seen as an economic and military player in Washington’s plans to outflank China. Yearly US-Indian trade is $62.9 billion according to Wikipedia.. Modi is an extreme «free trade» ideologue.



For several years Modi was denied a US visa because of his open chauvanism against Indian minoriteies, such as targeting Sikhs and Muslims. In 2002, when Modi ran a state in India, 1,000-2,000 Muslims were slaughtered by Hindu extremists linked to Modi’s BJP party.

 In 1984, like minded reactionaries massacred several thousand Sikhs. Human Rights Watch says those responsible for the 1984 massacre were not prosecuted.

This week the «progressive» Mayor, Bill de Blasio, met with Modi for discussions. Modi’s welcome in the US has outraged Human Rights advocates. The rally today was mostly Indian, with a large contingent of Sikhs. Joe Lombardo addressed the crowd for the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC).

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