Join Us In Defense of Puerto Rico, Monday, September 14th from 6 to 8:30 PM

Join Us In Defense of Puerto Rico
General Meeting of the Call to Action on Puerto Rico Committee
Monday, September 14th from 6 to 8:30 PM
Casabe Houses (150 East 121st)
The 73 Billion Dollar Debt is Not Payable
The U.S. Corporations that have made billions of dollars from their tax free investments in Puerto Rico must pay the Debt.
The Debt is the Result of the Colonial Relationship Between Puerto Rico & the U.S.
The workers & poor of Puerto Rico are suffering under the draconian austerity measures that further impoverish & force them to immigrant en mass to the U.S. 
The Hedge Funders are demanding that Puerto Rico close some public schools and privatize others, close hospitals, reduce health services, & privatize the electric power company.
Since our first meeting in July, Call to Action on Puerto Rico has:
  • Protested Ann Krugar’s Global Bankers Report at the NYC Citicorp Headquarters.
  • Demonstrated in Front of the Hedge Funder Paulson
  • Joined with other organizations to protest the hedge fund friends of NYS Governor Cuomo
  • Spoke at a press conferences to protest the plans of the Hedge Funders in Puerto Rico
  • Participated in community forums  on the Crisis in Puerto Rico
Join us and be part of the effort to organize
  • The Grito de Lares Commemoration at the ONU on September 23rd from 11 to 1 PM
  • A Forum on Puerto Rico and the debt crisis with economist Rafael Bernabe on Saturday, September 26th in the south Bronx
  • A Film series on Puerto Rico throughout New York City
  • Future Pickets Against the Hedge Funders
  • Other events to show our determination and outrage at the Crisis in Puerto Rico
For More information call:
Manuel Melendez at 347-993-0429
Lourdes Garcia at 917-6505189


Edwin Chungo Molina at 561-758-7509

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