We are people too!

by José M. López Sierra – Puerto Rico


The United States Government (USG) does not believe that certain people are people worthy of respect. That is why the United States of America from the very beginning permitted slavery.

United States (US) racism is so ingrained into its national fabric that, even after the US abolished slavery, it was never abolished in real terms. Watch this video about the 1968 Sanitation Strike in Memphis, Tennessee: https://youtu.be/9vTqVspySE4

The USG labeled Puerto Ricans, “an inferior race” in 1898. This is why Puerto Rico has been a US colony for the last 120 years.

Join the permanent resistance to force the USG to comply with the United Nations’ Charter of 1945, and its 37 resolutions asking it to immediately return Puerto Rico’s sovereignty to the Puerto Ricans.

Join the resistance, because those who have racism in their DNA don’t believe in LIBERTY AND IN JUSTICE FOR ALL! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1697349163904877/

Jose M Lopez Ismael

Nací en NYC. Me mudé a Puerto Rico en el 1980 donde eventualmente me convertí en independentista al ver que PR no se administra para los boricuas. Me retiré tempranamente de la pedagogía para luchar 24/7 por la descolonización de Puerto Rico a través de marchas pacíficas anuales y empujar a la ONU hacer su trabajo. Necesitaremos un tsunami de gente protestando permanentemente para obligar a USA a cumplir con la ley internacional que prohíbe el coloniaje.

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