United States declares Puerto Rico War Zone

by Manuel E. Melendez Lavandero…


The present historical moment of Puerto Rico is the factual fact of a colonial puppet government and a dictatorial Control Board (imposed by Washington) that have declared war on the people. It is the imposition of the hard hand of the dictatorship of financial capital (read Wall Street-Washington) to collect a debt of its illegal and immoral face, mounted on a scheme of financial fraud, government corruption and treason to the country.

Puerto Rico is a war zone; this is evidenced by the continuous attacks against the working people and dispossessed sectors of our society. That war against the people has several aspects. Namely, the dispossession of labor rights from both the public and private sectors, the cutting of the pensions of our retirees, the closure of hundreds of schools, the attacks against the University of Puerto Rico, among others.

The dictatorial junta (badly called fiscal control Board) assumes control of the country’s budget and the puppet government plays to that resistance and then continue to conspire with the junta in looting the money of the people. We know that the junta and the puppet government do not have an economic development plan for the country. They work and conspire in a plan to dismantle the Nation and its material infrastructure.

The PNP knows for a while, that statehood is a failed and unworkable political project. First because it does not have the majority endorsement of the Puerto Rican people and second, because it does not have the backing of the political-economic sectors of the empire.

Therefore, part of its agenda is the dismantling of the Nation. They do it by closing schools, redesigning curriculum, closing courses, denial of history and cultural values, harassment of the University. There are not even coincidences in the holidays that eliminate and those that exalt. They invade the political-governmental scene with the appointing of gringo officials, in education, EEE, tourism and direct interference in the repressive apparatuses of the dictatorship’s government.

Of course they know there will be resistance in big numbers. That is why they mount their the most direct war against Puerto Rico. They know of the moral values of our people, and fiber of patriotic dignity that is part of Puerto Rican DNA, for which they prepare and deploy their tactics and strategies of repression.

We have seen in recent days that this repressive component of militarization and deployment of the elite forces of the police, such as the SWAT Team and the combat units of mercenary companies such as Blackwater. They are deploy with heavy weapons, grenades launcher, rubber bullets in strings, use chemical weapons as they did in Vietnam and implement the tactics of street combat and population control, for which they have been preparing for more than a decade.

They perform a sophisticated intelligence work that includes cybernetic espionage and the management of social networks. The fabrication of cases, physical aggression, persecution, harassment, kidnapping, arrest and illegal registration, trespassing without a warrant, is part of your arsenal of war against the people Resistance.

There is a Puerto Rico`s struggles and manifests itself in that diversity of sectors that works for a new project in the country and expresses itself from the various community organization projects of bases, feminist collectives, mutual help centers, social dining rooms , the collectives of popular theater, the various agroecological projects in their efforts to rescue agriculture and reconnect with the land.

That Puerto Rico that is Resisting is also expressed in the unions of combative teachers who fight together with their communities to stop the closure of schools. We also see it being born in the public and private service workers who give the struggle to preserve their labor and social rights. We see that new Puerto Rico born in the eyes of those student and rebellious crowds that ignite with passion and intelligence the path of struggle to save the country.

The process of all these struggles will eventually converge into a strategic agreement, which will raise the need to break the empire-colony relationship so that this new Puerto Rico has the possibility of being a new Country.

To stop the empire along with the conservative right, that wants to sells the country deploys war against all Puerto Ricans.

It corresponds to the sectors of the Puerto Rican resistance, to generate the necessary consensus and articulation that will allow generating the processes of audacious struggle, to defeat the dictatorship and make possible the victory of the Puerto Rican  people.

…translate by Rev Chung

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