“There’s nothing that’s off limits. They can watch, listen to, spy, search, seize virtually anything for virtually any reason.”


by Marc Victor at the Casey Research Conference. (Photo: YouTube)

Constitutional and civil rights lawyer Marc Victor answered the question “Is America a police state?” at the recent Casey Research conference in San Antonio.
Frequently in the news while defending clients against police corruption and government abuse, Victor cut right to the chase. “Let’s get this straight,” he said. “We’re a police state. There is just no question that we’re a police state.”
Victor made the case that the written constitution has been easily bypassed and ignored in a number of ways, something he knows first hand after being kicked off the bench as a judge in Arizona for publicly announcing that he believes that the War on Drugs is unconstitutional.
“The only thing that matters, if you’re interested in a free society,” is the question, “Do you have a significant percentage of the people with whom you live that have in their hearts and minds a desire for freedom?” according to Victor.
“Today, unfortunately, we have a huge, significant amount of people who are just simply for a cradle-to-grave welfare state. That’s what they like. They’re for big government. They don’t call it tyranny, but I would call it tyranny.”
His 30 minute speech covered topics such as how the federal government has justified taking nearly any power under the Interstate Commerce clause, warping the constitution to the point of irrelevance.
“Nobody know how many federal criminal offenses there are. Nobody knows,” he said. “There’s nothing that’s off limits. They can watch, listen to, spy, search, seize virtually anything for virtually any reason.”
“We’re great at singing songs about being the land of the free… we’re great at pledging allegiance and saluting the flag, and talking about our great freedoms… But I ask you, how on earth can we possibly even pretend to be the land of the free when we lead the entire world, by far, in incarceration rates?”
Despite laying down a number of depressing facts, Victor ended with a case for optimism, and the eventual decline of the police state.
Visit Marc Victor’s website at: http://attorneyforfreedom.com/

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