Trade Unionists Rally in Support Postal Workers


By Marty Goodman 9/9/14 New York

Postal workers and supporters challenged corporate vultures in Westchester County, NY today. Postal Service bosses met with corporate mailer crooks in the convention center pictured below, with the hope of further privatizing our cherished public institution.

Both the Republican and Democratic parties are behind the multi-billion dollar profits grab.

Untitled                                                                     Untitled

Members of the APWU Metro Chapter and other trade unionists were there to support this fight to the finish to save USPS and its’ unionized workforce. Many of the signs denounced the ongoing attempt by union-buster Staples office supplies to privatize postal service within its’ stores, with the full cooperation of USPS bosses. The union-busting has begun in a few states outside of NY. All unions need to mobilize to defend postal jobs and service. Boycott Staples!


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