Racist Cop In Springfield Harrasing mother infront of crying kids… | Información al Desnudo

Racist Cop In Springfield Harrasing mother infront of crying kids…


This is why people in this country are increasingly demanding justice. The behavior of police officers is indisputably sadistical. The people have a solemn right to begin talking about self-defense against these animals in uniforms, who serve not the people but those in power.

Cop Harrasing mother infront of crying kids for what?
Just some details about this video, this incident was in regards to someone called the police because she left the kids in the car to move it in front of the store to pick u her package, the officer is doing all this to get her ID which she previously showed him outside she came back inside the store because she was scared and before i told her to show her ID again he was saying he wanted to talk to her outside and she was too scared to go back outside with him



Another possible case of POLICE BRUTALIZING A TEENAGE GIRL Was caught on tape – this time in a Walmart parking lot. The video shows an elderly woman being MANHANDLED – as she is accused of “shoplifting” – a misdemeanor in the area.

When the young woman’s 14 year old DAUGHTER sees what the police are doing, she STEPS IN . . . BIG MISTAKE. The giant officer PUSHES HER VIOLENTLY TO THE GROUND and continues to BRUTALIZE HER MOM. Eventually another man – the elderly woman’s SON has enough, and so he steps in. The LARGE African American officer PUNCHES THE MAN IN THE FACE. The son then FIGHTS BACK . . . and things go LEFT.

He was TAZED and charged with aggravated assault. His sister was also charged with aggravated assault

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