Race Discrimination — Black People Kicked Out Of AL Mall For Wearing Shades — But Not Whites

Just recently this video was uploaded to YouTube showing a black couple being escorted from a shopping mall in Opelika, Alabama. It seems that their only offense was that the young lady in the video was wearing sun glasses inside the mall.

That’s right. They kicked the couple out, with dollars in their pockets to spend, because of a “policy” against wearing sunglasses indoors.

Many would ask, “Where’s the racism in that?” Until you see examples shown in the video, once the couple is outside the mall being met by police officers. You also see other mall patrons who just so happen to be white leaving the mall wearing sunglasses.

Many people might suggest that the white people leaving the mall just happened to put their sunglasses on as they were leaving. However, the young black lady in the video pointed out that there were many people walking around the mall with sunglasses as they were being escorted out. Is this a clear cut case of race discrimination or is this being blown out of proportion?

Personally I’d tell that mall to stick their business where the sun doesn’t shine…

Here’s the video.

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