Protester stands his ground against police intimidation – Gun confiscation FAIL !


IF YOU WANT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS – LOCAL FOX 2 had me on LET IT RIP to debate a former police officer & attorney about this encounter –…

PART 2! (1 Week Later!): WOW YOU WILL LOVE THIS DEPUTY! 100% different encounter.

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Frequently asked Questions:
#1 I was not swinging my rifle, nor was my rifle ever pointed near him or sweeping anybody ever. Pause video at 00:27 seconds. I am pointing my camera-phone directly at him. My rifle is pointing down and to the side. It was NEVER in “ready” position. I was standing there holding my flag when he drove down 300 ft. of sidewalk and ordered me to lay my rifle down w/o suspicion of a crime!

#2 Asking for trouble? – NO. We have done this every Friday for the last 12 weeks or so. Check our Facebook page “For liberty Fridays” and see the pictures. The police have done nothing but salute us in the past. This guy was nutso.…

#3 Private or Public property? – PRIVATE. The city has an easement 33 ft. from the center of the road, but yes my front lawn is my private property. This is irrelevant though in regards to open carry.

#4 What happened at the end? The officer, after being told to give my rifle back held it in his hands and would not hand it over to me. I felt very uncomfortable and like he was trying to trick me somehow so he could attack me, by tricking me into taking the weapon from out of his hands. That’s why I told him to fuck off pretty much ..

Every Friday we go out and exercise our right to free assembly and protest the government. We call it #ForLibertyFridays. Usually we gather on a street corner during rush hour traffic and waive signs and flags. Some of us open carry rifles and side arms too. We have never had any problems whatsoever from the police or Sherriff, who have always known the laws, and only treated us with respect.

Today I decided just to stay in-front of my house in Rochester Hills instead of our usual location. I was outside with my rifle and my Gadsden “don’t tread of me” flag how I usually do. After about 15 minutes of doing this was when the first officer (and the 5 other cars right after) rolled up on me, and demanded that I put my rifle down and walk over to him. The he began yelling on the loudspeaker “not to point the gun at him”, when I absolutely certainly did not and it facing the ground. I stood there until he told me not to create a “Bad Situation” and unholstered his weapon. I felt threatened and did what he said. While showing my him hands (one hand holding my smartphone) and then walked towards him. He then ordered another officer to seize my rifle.

I was assaulted, detained, and my property was seized. And what crime did he suspect me of? He couldn’t quite think of one … Maybe it was for lawfully exercising my constitutionally protected God-given right to keep and bear arms, while holding the flag of our founding fathers on my lawn that I mow every 2 weeks? In reality this entire encounter was about 45 minutes … The video is shortened for the sake of time.


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