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Proposal: Pto. Rico Crisis Conference University of Massachusetts, Amherst,

Proposal: Puerto Rico Crisis Conference
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, April 13 -14, 2017
This crisis is not of the present. Puerto Rico has been in a crisis since it was colonized by Spain
starting in 1493. Even without the imposition of the Fiscal Control Board, Puerto Rico would
still have the United States (US) government’s imposition of its colonial rule since 1898. The US
government has ignored 35 United Nations (UN) resolution asking it to immediately decolonize
Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico will therefore always be in a crisis, until she is decolonized.
Author’s Information
José Manuel López Sierra is a retired teacher. He is an activist for Puerto Rico decolonization
since November 2011. He speaks at the UN’s annual hearing on Puerto Rico decolonization
which is usually held on the Monday after Fathers’ Day. He is the founder of
Unidos para la Descolonización de Puerto Rico
. It organizes permanent marches on March
22 in Puerto Rico, and on the day of the UN hearing on Puerto Rico decolonization in New York
City. He is also a correspondent for
InformacionAlDesnudo Radio and Television
from New York
City at
Causes and Consequences
The cause of Puerto Rico’s crisis has been her over 500 years of colonialism. The United States
government branded Puerto Ricans in 1898 as belonging to an inferior race. It therefore
drafted legislation to invent the status of
Unincorporated Territory
for Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guam
and the Philippines. Puerto Rico’s US unincorporated territory is to give the US government a
legal basis to discriminate against her and, prevent her from becoming a state of the United
States of America.
This 119 year-old colonial relationship is the reason why
more Puerto Rican join the US military
than any of the states of the Union
, and is the reason why more
Puerto Ricans live outside of
Puerto Rico.
Puerto Rico is prohibited from governing for Puerto Rico due to her colonial relationship with
the US.
This is, therefore, the genesis of our perpetual crisis
Since the US was a major force in the founding of the United Nations for the purpose of
maintaining world peace after the Second World War, Puerto Ricans should protest
continuously for US compliance to the UN’s 35 resolutions asking it to immediately decolonize
Puerto Rico.
After over a century of exploitation, it is obvious that the US governments wants to keep Puerto
Rico as its colony forever. Puerto Ricans will need to create a tsunami of people to peacefully
force the US government to adhere to international law that considers colonialism to be a
crime against humanity, because it threatens world peace.
The way to form this tsunami is by informing the public about the crimes that the US
government has engaged in, but hides by controlling what the public receives from the US mass
media. Only as a result of the public’s awareness about the truth, will we be able to create the
mass support to force the US government to comply with the rule of law, instead of its force.
Those who rule by the rule of force, don’t believe in JUSTICE FOR ALL!

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