New video game shows man punching out elderly in ‘knockout’ game hate crime


A white Texas man who filmed himself punching out an elderly black man and laughing afterward will spend six years in prison as punishment.

Authorities have just released video of the attack which left Roy Coleman, now 81, with a broken jaw. The video obtained by Click2Houston shows attacker Conrad Alvin Barrett wondering aloud whether he will garner national attention for hitting an African-American person in a so-called knockout game attack.

“The plan is to see if I were to hit a black person, would this be nationally televised,” Barrett says while driving around searching for a potential victim.

It would be, but perhaps under circumstances Barrett didn’t anticipate. He was charged with a hate crime and convicted.

In the video, Barrett approaches the then-79-year-old Coleman and says, “How you doin’?” before punching him in the face. Barrett then says, “Knockout!” and runs away. He can be heard giggling as Coleman tumbles to the ground.

Coleman’s daughter, Donna McNeal, who now cares for the elderly man full-time, said the attack traumatized her father and caused him to relive racist violence he suffered when he was younger.

“He’s 81,” she told Click2Houston. “It goes way back emotionally. I think he’s broken.”

She said her father is now fearful of his surroundings and is no longer as independent as he was before Barrett hit him.

Prosecutors said they were glad Barrett will not pose a threat to the public now.

“The Department of Justice is happy that we were able to get this guy off the street, because he was out there to hurt people,” federal prosecutor Ruben Perez told the station. “I hope the public would realize what this man did. It’s the callousness the egregious behavior that he, that this man exhibited against this elderly, defenseless man.”

Watch the video of the attack, as posted by the New York Daily News, here:

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