Militarized Colonialism, Human Rights and Reparations: The Case of Vieques, Puerto Rico


The Case of Vieques, Puerto Rico
Next November 21, 2014

This event brings together academics and activists in a dialogue about militarized colonialism, human rights and reparations in Vieques, Puerto Rico.  Over ten years ago a social movement forced the exit of the United States Navy from the island, which it had used for 60 years to practice bombing and biochemical warfare.  Yet, as many Viequenses say, la lucha continua, or the struggle continues.  While the island community experiences the long lasting effects of militarized colonialism and health and environmental contamination, initiatives are surfacing from an engaged civil society insistent on reparations and a viable future for Viequenses.  The conversation will address challenges, initiatives and possibilities in “post-Navy” Vieques.



Vasuki Nesiah: Professor at the Gallatin School and legal scholar with an interest in colonialism, human rights and reparations

Marie Cruz Soto: professor at the Gallatin School and researcher on U.S. Empire, militarized colonialism and the island-community of Vieques, Puerto Rico

Carmen Valencia: founding member of the Alianza de Mujeres Viequenses

Nilda Medina: founder and director of the Incubadora de Microempresas Bieke

Frank Velgara: founding member of New York Solidarity with Vieques

Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan: President-Elect of the National Lawyers Guild and lead counsel on Torres, et al. v. United States, a petition filed before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights


Co-sponsored by the Rethinking Politics and the Global Faculty Studies Group and the Gallatin Human Rights Initiative

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