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Idaho To Create Cybersecurity Task Force…


Idaho To Create Cybersecurity Task Force
Jul 28, 2015

Idaho lawmakers have announced plans to create a special task force dedicated to fighting and preventing cybercrime. Governor Butch Otter signed the executive order for the creation of the Idaho Cyber Security Task Force earlier this week, marking the beginning of a new era in cybersecurity for the Gem State.
Details of the Idaho Cyber Security Task Force remain largely unknown at this time, but Gov. Otter confirmed that they would be charged with creating new policies and strategies to detect and prevent cyber-attacks on government and public entities within the state of Idaho. Otter added that the state has seen “dozens of cyber-attacks” as of late, with attacks becoming bolder and more frequent.
“We have seen dozens of cyber-attacks that seem to be increasing in frequency and boldness, costing our businesses and taxpayers untold billions of dollars each year,” said Otter in a news release. “I believe in the old Boy Scout motto: ‘be prepared.’ By signing this executive order, I want Idahoan’s to know that our state continues to prepare to meet any cybersecurity threat, whether from viruses, malware, and security breaches to outright theft of personal and private information.”
To put the problem of cybercrime into perspective, a 2005 National Computer Security Survey (NCSS) found that, among 7,818 businesses surveyed, 67% of them had detected at least one cybercrime and 60% had detected two or more. What’s even more alarming, however, is that most companies and businesses who had detected cybercrime did not report the incident to law enforcement authorities.
Cybercrime has become a major issue not only in Idaho, but throughout the entire country. Earlier this year the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) was hacked, resulting in the unauthorized disclosure of millions of files from former, existing and prospective government workers. This was believed to be one of the largest cyber-attacks in US history.
Will the new Idaho Cyber Security Task Force be able to prevent attacks such as this? It’s still too early to tell, but having a team dedicated to cybersecurity should help to some degree. With that said, however, individuals and business owners should still take preventive measures to protect their data from unauthorized use.
You can learn more about the Idaho Cyber Security Task Force by visiting


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