Greens who support the destruction of the Puerto Rican nationality


by Hector López

A generation of a nationality has no right to dissolve that nationality even if it is the majority of those who propose its dissolution. ( Juan Mari Bras)Later as that dissolution goes sour, that decision may be refuted, but very late in the game, since there is no escape clause in the U.S. Constitution to undo that decision. Remember that a civil war was fought in regards to this issue in the U.S. The U.S. would rather destroy a nation under its claws than to give an example to other states to break up its union.This is one of many reasons I oppose the integration of Puerto Rico into the U.S. From what I see happening to non Anglo Saxons here in the U.S. by the police, it is crazy for Puerto Rico to dissolve it self into this racist society to loose its identity and its life as a nation that was formed in 500 hundred years of history with national heroines and heroes who gave their fortunes and lives for this sacred cause.

Would you like to see the U.S. integrate it self into China, for example? Or to the Russian Federation? If you like that, you would be like Benedict Arnold. And you want me to betray my nation, but you do not want to do the same for your country? So Greens who support the destruction of the Puerto Rican nationality in supporting statehood are in favor of committing genocide. Now genocide is not done only with ovens, it is done by what I describe above, the dissolution of nation as a state of its colonial master. Also to gentrify a nation and removing its inhabitants is another way to do genocide. More than half of Puerto Rico’s population is in the U.S. as a cause of U.S. policies to control and disband the Puerto Rican nation.

Puerto Rico is a conglomerate of many people of different ethnicity who arrived in our shores to eventually form and forge a nation of Latin American origins, with Greco- Roman and African heritage. Some what like the U.S. but without the Greco Roam factor.We can not be a state of another nation that has a different cultural origin. The U.S. is basically an Anglo Saxon nation and we are not. We are a strange body in your stomach that will give you stomach upset permanently. As a state the U.S. would become a multinational entity and the U.S. Ruling Class does not want that for its type of federation. Remember the words that have been told to me, «Speak English you are in Amerikka». Of course, I tell them, » «Speak Apache you are in North America». That is how I shut them up. Individuals like that are just plain dommies who do not even know their origins. That is the type of individuals who I confront on many occasions here in the «land of the free». and

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