Dear Latino community . It ‘s time to stop the war against us

by James Flores
InformaciónAlDesnudo – Connecticut
      As a latino in Willimantic I can not accept Mike Desaulniers insulting comment when he said ; ”  the laziest most unprepared person on the  Board of Education gets to be chair what a power grab” he is referring to Luz Osuba the first latino to reach the Chairmanship of any board in our community. This outrage comment was made by Mr Desaulniers in Tracy Lambert Facebook Page (former Chairwoman of the Board of Educaction) . As a chairman of the Republican Party Mr. Desaulniers should be more responsible because his comment can represent the official comment of the Republican Party . It’s enough we ( Latino ) received enough insult from the republican from runner Donald Trump and now more insult from Mr Desaulniers very simple an insult against Luz Osuba is a insult against all the latino in Willimantic .People can be in disagreement but name calling is crossing the line . I would like to encourage Mr Desaulniers to apology to Mrs Luz Ozuba . We latino will stand for Mrs Osuba if we do  not stand for her in the future nobody in the latino community will serve in other board fighting for Mrs. Osuba is fighting for the future of our children .

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