Crazy Racist GA School Principal Apologizes — ‘God Has Forgiven Me’


by Joe Clark on May 9, 2015

Recently we brought you the story of a Georgia high school principal and school founder named Nancy Gordeuk launching into a racist tirade against the graduates at a recent high school graduation ceremony.


   Georgia high school principal and school founder Nancy Gordeuk

You can see read the original story of Gordeuk’s racist tirade here.

It turns out a local news channel had caught up with Gordeuk and her apology was almost more bizarre and offensive than the statement which prompted it. It really scares me to think that people like could be in charge of a school, let alone be the founder.

Here are a few meme-worthy quotes from the “apology” news interview.

“God has forgiven me.”

“The devil was in the house.”

“I told my husband it didn’t sound like me or even feel like me saying it.”

“I’m sorry this gotten all blown out of proportion.”

See the “apology” interview it’s full glory here.

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