Convocamos a Call to Action a Todo Boricua por Borinken: Monday July 13, 2015 3:00 PM


Convocamos a Call to Action a Todo Boricua por Borinken: Lunes / Monday July 13, 2015  3:00 pm

Citigroup Center

601 Lexington Avenue & 53th St

(Between Lexington & 3rd Ave. )

Bank · New York, NY

Trains to E & M to Lexington Ave. and # 6 Train to : Lexington Ave & 51th St

Action to let both U.S. and Puerto Rico government and Wall Street vultures know that we are going to give them a fight inside and outside of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico’s government fiscal team will be meeting with Wall Street bankers debt holders in NYC this coming Monday.One of the representatives for the P.R. government is none other than IMF’s own Anne Kruger (She was not elected by the people to represent P.R.,what she is doing representing P.R. is a mystery) they will be meeting at CITIGROUP headquarters in NYC.

Puerto Rico is a colony of the U.S.,we refuse the impositions of austerity measures that will be detrimental to our people back in the motherland.

The Puerto Rican diaspora being as Puerto Rican as those living back in our motherland will fight alongside our brothers and sisters back in our motherland to stop the empoverishment, financial rape and austerity measures planned against our people.

The people are SOVEREIGN, and UNITED we will never be defeated.

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