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…by joining the resistance to US colonialism

por Javier S. Torres   – 7 de octubre 2017

Ocean water. Where I lived many years and have many fond memories. Oh, and we are Puerto Rican and US citizens. Yes, Puerto Rican citizens. We speak Spanish, English, other languages and dialects. The United States invaded Puerto Rico in 1898 and in 1917 the US imposed US citizenship. Since 1917 Puerto Ricans have served in the US armed forces. Many Puerto Ricans have defied such measure by joining the resistance to US colonialism, like the The Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico and the Ejército Popular Boricua- Macheteros. Many of us have practice resistance by peaceful methods for national independence.

Our little island, surrounded by big water, is the fifth country in the world that buys the invader’s commodities. We have astronauts, scientists, but sadly they can’t represent a Puerto Rican national institution due to US colonialism. The government of the United States has impeded measures by criminalizing the national independence movement, and making our island economically dependent from the United States. Such measures alienates Puerto Ricans to identify with their national identity on a political and economic level.Puerto Rico is not part of the United States, we belong to the United States as the US Supreme Court stated. Due to our subordinate political status, the United States has allowed sovereign sports with a national identity in which we have legendary sports figures and internationally known musicians whom affirm our national identity. We have many more distinguished citizens who call our little beautiful island La Patria.

We are a GORGEOUS and interesting mix of Taino, Spanish, African and other European blood that gives us our incredible drive to survive. I am Puerto Rican with Dominican sofrito and I’m damn proud of it!!! Yo quiero que mi Boriquen sea libre y soberana por qué la estrella de mi bandera no cabe en la Americana!! Viva Puerto Rico libre ??????????✊??

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