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Around 49 days since Hurricane Maria…still without electricity, limited communication

Residents of San Juan, Puerto Rico, deal with damages to their homes on September 20, 2017, as Hurricane Maria batters the island.
Maria slammed into Puerto Rico on Wednesday, cutting power on most of the US territory…

by Alberto Rodriguez  – facebook

Around 49 days since Hurricane Maria and the vast majority of the island is still without electricity and at best a very limited communication system. We are living in a new normal dominated by the hurricane. No matter where you go here you are surrounded by reminders of the hurricane. There’s no getting away from it. The worst part is that we are frozen in this post hurricane reality with no end in sight. The tunnel for us to see a light in the end of doesn’t exist. Hope is what the people are psychologically surviving on. Each day another official spin or lie, another Military/FEMA boast, insult or again lie, another fucking feel good story in the media is wearing thin the colonial political consciousness that is one of the basic pillars which holds up U.S. hegemony over us. Everyone here seems to be slowly and painfully realizing that we are to be a permanent colony and that the cherished U.S. citizenship doesn’t alter in anyway our colonial status. For the first time many are internalizing the fact that since 1898 we merely belonged to the U.S. and never were part of it.

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