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Barack Obama approves airstrikes in Iraq

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Barack Obama approves airstrikes in Iraq –US president said he would authorise targeted strikes if Islamist militants advanced into the city of Erbil to protect personnel [and US interests aka *oil.*] 8 Aug 2014 Barack Obama has authorised military airstrikes over northern Iraq in order to “prevent genocide” carried out by Islamist extremists against Christians and other minorities. Mr Obama said late on Thursday night he would approve targeted strikes on fighters from the [CIA-armed] Islamic State if they advance towards the city of Erbil, to protect US diplomatic and military staff working there. Mr Obama vowed he would not send combat troops to Iraq. He also confirmed that US military planes had dropped aid to the some 40,000 people trapped on Mount Sinjar after being driven out of the homes. [Yes, the US gets water to people ‘stranded and thirsty’ on an Iraq mountain, due to ISIL. Too bad Detroit isn’t in Iraq, as an ‘ISIL’ govt shut off their water. –LRP]


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